Career Transition Consultants

Before we begin, one thing needs to be made clear: what is a ‘Career Transition Consultant’? It’s difficult to pin down exactly what the role entails because often the service you receive will vary from consultant to consultant and also depending on your wants and needs. For example, some job seekers are in need of assistance when it comes to adapting their CV’s between different positions they’re applying for, whereas others will need to focus more on career development: what are they good at and how could they improve their transferable skills? So, while all ‘CTC’ are there to directly help you, the candidate, moving between jobs and/or industries, the exact service they provide isn’t so easy to define in a clear-cut way.

Nevertheless, there are some things you should expect from a ‘CTC’: a modern, dynamic approach to job-seeking; expertise in the recruitment industry; a good amount of contact with you, the client and a service which develops the things you want it to. The role of a ‘Career Transition Consultant’ is not the same as a job agency or recruitment consultant: ‘Career Transition Consultants’ aren’t employed to trawl through vacancies to pick out ones which might interest you; they’re there to make sure that the jobs you’re searching for are realistic and appropriate and that the way you present yourself to potential employers is as effective as possible and receiving the best possible results. ‘Career Transition Consultants’ can be particularly useful to people who are moving from one industry to another, because they are often the candidates in need of most support when tailoring their applications to new jobs.

For example, a builder with limited professional qualifications who is looking for something quite different, perhaps in media and advertising, might use a ‘CTC’ to help them emphasize their relevant transferable skills and point them towards training programs and opportunities which are most likely to get them into their new career as quickly as possible.

The next question you might be asking yourself is ‘Do I need the services of a ‘Career Transition Consultant’?’ Well, while some people do prefer to enter unemployment and search for jobs independently, an increasing number of people are recognizing the benefits of ‘Career Transition Consultant’. Not only is the support of a ‘Career Transition Consultant’ reassuring to job-seekers, especially when they might have been unemployed for some time, but they offer a genuinely useful and beneficial service which can speed up, streamline and improve effectiveness of the job-seekers search.

Have you been in the same industry for a long period of time? Are your skills quite specialized? Are you having difficulty moving between industries? If your answer is yes, or you can relate to any of the aforementioned points, it’s certainly worth considering exploring the different avenues through careers – employing a ‘Career Transition Consultant’ is one of the more well-traveled routes.