How the Dodd-Frank Act Has Changed the World of Consultancy

Dodd-Frank energy consulting is a result of a bill that was passed to regulate firms that are involved in the energy market. This act was created with the purpose of restoring some order to a financial world that had become too complex to regulate but too large to fail. The Dodd-Frank act is an attempt to restore some sanity into the financial world by providing regulators with the power they need to provide useful oversight. The Dodd-Frank act has created a number of deadlines for compliance by all stakeholders with its new regulations.

Compliance requires consultancy to achieve

These compliance deadlines, which have loomed quite ominously over a number of companies, have created the need for professional assistance. This is provided in the form consultancy services by firms which have professional expertise in these areas. These consultants use their considerable expertise to assist companies to get their houses in order in time for the compliance deadlines.

Energy consulting is a service provided to companies that are invested in energy related markets and funds to help make sure that they stay on the right side of the Dodd-Frank act. This act has created a number of stipulations about how companies that are involved in the energy market must conduct themselves. Compliance is now a highly complex field to navigate, hence, the increased demand for energy consulting.

Asset management consulting is needed to invest in certain market segments

Hedge funds have long provided a powerful investment vehicle for people interested in capital gains. These funds allow investors to pool a large portion of money and invest in a portfolio of different companies and investment channels. Hedge funds are now allowed to increase their pool size to one hundred million dollars but to invest in energy they have to meet certain conditions. They will now be under SEC oversight, and they will also have to rearrange how their asset base is configured.

Asset management consulting is necessary for any fund mechanism that is seeking to invest in the energy markets. This is because the Dodd-Frank act has made matters such that companies seeking to invest in energy must have their asset bases structured in a certain way. This is intended to reduce the instability caused by speculative acquisition of energy futures. The Dodd-Frank Act is definitely causing a lot of changes in the way the energy market operates. Whether this is a good thing, only time will tell.